DIY: Handmade recycled paper

DIY: Handmade recycled paper

Making paper by hand at home can be a pretty simple process. It’s also a fantastic way to use up your old receipts, scrap papers, junk mail, and copy paper that you were about to throw in the recycling bin, and instead create a thing of glorious handmade beauty.


What You’ll Need

  • Waste paper (almost anything will work — just avoid glossy paper like magazines)
  • Water
  • A blender or food processor
  • An old picture frame or wood to make your own frame
  • Mesh or screen (together with the frame, this will make your paper mold)
  • Felt, cloth, or sponge
  • A rectangular bin or pan to hold water (it needs to be bigger than your frame)
  • Decorations like dried flowers, confetti, or seeds (optional)


Main Steps

1. Tear the paper into small pieces and put into a blender with warm water. Blend until the mixture becomes a fairly smooth pulp. If you want to add specks of color, add pieces of colored paper at this point, then blend just a bit.

2. Assemble your “mold.” Attach your screen to your frame using duck tape, staples, or any other method that will keep the screen affixed to the frame’s edges. You’ll use your second piece of screen later in the process.

3. Put your mold in your bin or pan of water, then pour the pulp into the mold. (If you lift the mold up, the pulp should cover the screen.) At this point, you can add decorations like dried flowers or grass, a splash of paint, or even seeds to make printable paper. Be sure to add a little more pulp to cover the decorations so they adhere to the paper.

4. Lift the mold out of the water, and place the second piece of screen on top of the pulp. Use a cloth or sponge to press out excess water.

5. Lift the screen and the paper should come right up with it. Now invert the screen on a towel (pulp side down) and dab the sponge or cloth on the screen side to press out more water.

6. Then lift the screen off of the paper and set your paper on a towel to dry. You can air dry it, or cover it with a paper towel and press it with an iron to speed up the drying time.

I will also leave this link if you dont have a frame to use as a mold! there is many ways to craft paper! its super relaxing and fun! ENJOYY